Interactive Counter Executives Development & Training. The program is aimed at your Servers & Counter Executives.

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Dominic CostaBir


We've conducted Training for 60 plus brands in the hospitality industry; a few of them are…


Rukshana Billimoria
Principal, Anjuman-I-Islam's Institute Of Hotel Management

“Dominic CostaBir is one of his kind, one of the best Trainers that we have ever come across. With a mission for improving Hospitality through Training, he started HTI (Hospitality Training Institute) in 2002.

“He wears his heart on his sleeve and is someone who would never hesitate to call a spade a spade, leads by example, and can get the best out of even the most introverted students. His style of delivering the training program is not just unique, but effective. There were online and offline training sessions for our students that included STAR (Zoom Star Presenter), Dining Etiquette, and coordinating with government officials to conduct FOSTAC (Food Safety Training and Certification).

“He and his team also implemented the training program WAR – Workshop on Activating Rainmakers, along with an industrial visit that included Carnival Masti and team building exercises. We got to learn a lot from the team building exercises and the various sessions conducted.

“Dominic is a great leader of an equally great team comprising Kaushal Dutta, Nitin Batawale, Jervis Fernandes, Aaron Fernandes, Hitesh Chawla, Nilam Patil, Storm CostaBir & Tsunami CostaBir. Each team member is exactly aware of their role and fulfills each task to perfection, with great coordination among each other. We wish Team HTI the very best!”

Sanjeev Tripathi
Head - Field Marketing, Pidilite Industries Ltd

“We engaged HTI for WAR – Workshop on Activating Rainmakers and CREAM – Customer Relationship Engagement And Management. A professional approach with a personal touch gave them an edge over other training agencies retained in the past. The services they offer matched our requirement of training external (Pidilite associates) and internal teams on Soft Skill Development. Overall, engaging with HTI was a superb experience. Our team loved the program and we would give HTI a very high rating over various parameters like engagement, content, the learning experience, newness, variety, and objective achievement. We have also seen an improvement in the efficiency and attitude of our team!”

Maria Chandwani
Head-Human Resources, Training & Administration, GINGER, A TATA Enterprise

“HTI’s training is effective, boosting staff morale and skills; moreover, they have partnered with GINGER to improve guest satisfaction scores.”

Karyna Bajaj
Executive Director, KA Hospitality Pvt Ltd

“We got Dominic and HTI to come do a session with us for team building and leadership during our annual budget meet. The session was engaging, motivational and a great learning experience for everyone involved! Since then, we have got HTI on board to train all levels within our company, and are looking forward to working collaboratively with them to deliver a great dining experience and make our internal and external guests happy.”

Rahul Khanna
Co-Founder, Azure Hospitality Pvt Ltd

“HTI curated off-sites with Azure Hospitality have always been memorable and genuinely effective for team morale, camaraderie and bonding. We have had over 200 people over the years benefit from a mix of analytical, playful and team activities. I have always found Team HTI led by Dominic to be filled with ideas, energy, patience and selfless care for our team and company objectives. I wish them well and recommend their training to others.”

Ashutosh Ahluwalia
Director, QED Productions Pvt Ltd

“The sessions are interactive, and have involved role play and skits. We have got positive responses from the participants, viz. school bus drivers, attendants and lady attendants to our program. It has indeed been a pleasure working with HTI on this program. The Team are a highly motivated, professional, cooperative and skilled group, who believe in the mantra of, “Client is King”. They have accommodated our last minute changes with aplomb!”

Amit Mehta
AVP, Kamat Hotels (India) Limited

“The training delivered by HTI has been consistent and whenever we have raised any concerns, they have promptly rectified the issues. We have found improvement and change in the staff attitude and behaviour – especially in their grooming, hygiene, customer service and morale. HTI is completely reliable and has never failed in fulfilling our demands.”

Who is this program for?

Counter Executives

Sales Boys




Asst Waiter

Asst Server

Asst Steward

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What will you learn in the workshop?

The technique of learning to follow Systems and Processes (SOPs) 10x faster

Non-Textbook Method of Learning how to Handle Guest Complaints

The no-fluff framework for Building a Great First Impression on Guests

The Ultimate Hack to Becoming a Master at Upselling & Suggestive Selling

Handling of the Point Of Sales System

Understanding why Guests Complain & How To Prevent Complaints

The 8 steps of Service and a LIVE MOCK SESSION of Frequently Faced Situations

The magic method of learning the Food & Beverage Menu

BONUS 🤩 : SUPER FUN Team Building Activities 🎉

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Frequently Asked Questions

In what languages do you conduct these sessions?
  • We have conducted sessions in over 14 different languages, and reached over 410 locations in 5 different countries! Language is not a barrier. Our trainers speak in a language best understood by the participants!
Will this be in-person or online sessions?
  • All the sessions will be done in-person. Our trainer visits your location and conducts the session.
What are the timings?
  • We conduct sessions at a time convenient to our partner.
Will I see an increase in my sales after this workshop?
  • No program guarantees any income. The workshop is designed to streamline your staff's efforts. We help them get started with converting walk-ins into loyal patrons, building a personal brand, and getting good at multiple areas of their jobs.
Can we conduct this session in countries outside India?
  • Yes, we have already trained for companies in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Maldives and Mauritius.
Does the workshop have real world application?
  • Yes, we have built this program around Frequently Faced Situations experienced by your staff.
Can I get a refund?
  • No. We don't provide refunds. If you are not sure about the workshop, check out the testimonials, read more about the trainer and take an informed decision. In case you are not happy with the outcomes of a particular session, we can redo the session only ONCE.
Should I apply for this program?
  • YES! In this program, we will work very closely with you to understand the issue you are facing. We then tailor-make a program for you (to add unique value to your current situation). We also do LIVE simulations of Frequently Faced Situations (so your staff knows their exact roles and responsibilities when the situation comes up).