"50 Jargon terms used in the Front Office Department"

Stressed by the terms used in the front office department? Stop worrying and start learning these 50 easy-to-understand explanations.

In the hospitality industry, it can be overwhelming when everyone seems to be familiar with the jargon, except you. Even as you gain experience, you often encounter new terms and acronyms that could confuse you.

Instead of constantly searching online for definitions, we have a solution for you. Here, we offer a straightforward dictionary with 50 essential terms, explained in simple, non-technical language.

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1. Allotment
  1. A predetermined number of rooms reserved by a travel agency or company for a specific period, usually at a discounted rate
2. Bellhop
  • A hotel staff member responsible for assisting guests with their luggage, both upon arrival and departure
3. C Form
  1. Foreigner registration form which is to be uploaded on Govt site within 24 hrs of check-in
4. Cancellation Policy
  • The guidelines and rules governing the cancellation of a reservation, including any applicable fees or deadlines
5. Cash Float
  1. The amount of cash provided to the cashier at the start of his/her shift for making change and handling transactions
6. Cashier
  • The staff member responsible for handling monetary transactions, such as collecting payment for rooms, services, and other charges
7. Check-In
  1. The process of officially arriving and registering at the hotel, where guests receive their room keys and necessary information
8. Check-Out
  • The process of departing from the hotel, settling any outstanding charges, and returning the room keys
9. Complimentary
  1. Provided free of charge to guests, often as a gesture of goodwill or for special occasions
10. Concierge
  • The hotel staff member who assists guests with various requests, including travel arrangements, restaurant reservations, and local attractions
11. Do Not Disturb (DND)
  1. A guest's request for privacy and to refrain from housekeeping or any other interruptions in their room
12. Early Check-In
  • Allowing a guest to check-in before the standard designated time, subject to room availability
13. Early Departure Fee
  1.  A fee charged to a guest who checks out earlier than the originally booked departure date, typically to compensate for lost revenue
14. Early Departure
  • The guest's decision to check-out before their scheduled departure date, maybe subject to penalty or adjustment in charges
15. Folio
  1. An itemized statement of charges incurred by a guest during their stay, including room rates, additional services, and taxes
16. Front Desk
  • The central area in a hotel's lobby where guests check-in, check-out, and receive assistance during their stay
17. Front Office Attendant
  1. A staff member responsible for assisting guests with check-in, check-out, and general inquiries at the front desk
18. Front Office Manager
  • The staff member responsible for overseeing the operations of the front office department and ensuring smooth guest interactions
19. Front Office SOPs
  1. Standard Operating Procedures - established guidelines and protocol for front office operations; ensuring consistency and efficiency in guest interactions
20. Group Booking
  • A reservation for a large number of rooms or multiple guests traveling together, often for conferences, weddings, or group events
21. Group Check-In
  1. The process of efficiently checking in multiple guests traveling together as part of a group reservation
22. Guest Feedback
  • The comments, reviews, or opinions provided by guests regarding their stay, often valuable for improving service and addressing any concerns
23. Guest Folio Settlement
  1. The process of finalizing and settling the charges on a guest's folio before their departure
24. Guest Profile
  • A database or record containing information about a guest's preferences, previous stays, special requests, and loyalty program status
25. Guest Satisfaction
  1. The measurement of a guest's overall contentment and experience during their stay, often assessed through surveys or feedback
26. House Account
  • Arrangement where charges for services are billed to the guest's account, typically used by corporate clients or long-staying guests
27. CHousekeeping Coordination
  1. Collaboration between the front office and housekeeping departments to ensure rooms are ready for guest arrivals and timely cleaning requests are fulfilled
28. In-House Guest
  • A guest who is currently staying at the hotel and has not yet checked out
29. Key Card
  1. A plastic card issued to guests as a room key, typically used to access the guest's assigned room and other restricted areas
30. Key Drop
  • A secure box or designated area where guests can leave their room keys when checking out outside of regular front desk hours
31. Late Arrival
  1. The arrival of a guest after the hotel's designated check-in time, often requiring special arrangements or communication
32. Late Check-Out
  • Granting a guest permission to check-out after the standard designated time, based on room availability and hotel policies
33. Late Night Service
  1. Providing front office services and assistance to guests during the late night hours when staffing levels may be reduced
34. Night Audit
  • The process of reconciling and balancing the day's transactions and financial records, typically performed during the late night hours
35. No-Show
  1. A guest who fails to arrive for a confirmed reservation without canceling it in advance
36. Overbooking
  • Accepting more reservations than the actual number of available rooms, relying on cancellations or no-shows to accommodate all guests
37. Pre-Authorization
  1. A temporary hold or verification of funds on a guest's credit card to ensure their ability to cover any potential charges or incidental expenses
38. Rack Rate
  • The standard published rate of a hotel room before any discounts or promotions are applied
39. Rate Parity
  1. The practice of maintaining consistent pricing for a hotel's rooms across all distribution channels, including the hotel's website, third-party websites, and travel agencies
40. Registration Card
  • A form filled out by guests upon arrival, providing their personal information, contact details, and any special requests
41. Reservation Confirmation
  1. A written or electronic acknowledgment provided to guests confirming the details of their reservation
42. Reservation
  • The process of securing a guest's room or service in advance, typically done through a booking system or by contacting the hotel directly
43. Room Blocking
  1. The practice of reserving a specific number of rooms for a particular group, event, or high-demand period
44. Room Inventory
  • The total number of available rooms in a hotel, categorized by room types and occupancy status
45. Room Rate
  1. The cost or price charged for the rental of a hotel room, varying based on factors such as room type, occupancy and season
46. Room Service
  • The provision of food, beverages, and other services delivered directly to the guest's room
47. Room Upgrade
  1. The act of providing a guest with a higher category or better view room than originally booked, often as a gesture of goodwill or for loyalty program members
48. VIP Guest
  • A distinguished or high-profile guest, often receiving special attention, privileges, and personalized services
49. Wake-Up Call
  1. A pre-arranged phone call requested by guests to be awakened at a specific time
50. Walk-In
  • A guest who arrives at the hotel without a prior reservation, requesting a room on the spot

To summarize, by familiarizing yourself with the 50 jargon terms we've discussed in this blog, you've gained a valuable set of tools for navigating the front office department. We hope this knowledge will boost your confidence and improve your communication with colleagues, clients and customers.