Housekeeping Done Right!

Squeaky clean. Awesome fragrance. Inviting vibe. That’s what we expect in a restaurant or hotel, right? Throw in gorgeous fresh flower arrangements - and anyone would swoon! 

When you get all this and some more at a hotel/ restaurant you visit, you know that their Housekeeping Department (HKD) is doing their job right. When you don’t — well, you know who needs training. Guest experience, especially women guests, relies heavily on the HKD. Train your HKD team and then watch your guests’ happiness go through the roof!

Here’s how to get it right:

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Effective Strategies for Training Housekeeping Staff in the Hospitality Industry
SOPs, The Lifesaver
  1. A manual documenting precise Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all activities is very important. From cleaning guest rooms, restaurants, lobby and public areas; to changing table and bed linen, cleaning bathroom fixtures, the works. It’s a good idea to video record the SOPs and dub it in multiple languages, so that all staff members can refer to it with ease. Regularly update this guide and ensure your staff implements it.
Get Hands-On
  1. While theoretical knowledge is essential, hands-on training is equally important. Arrange practical training sessions where staff can apply the knowledge gained from the SOP manual. This could include practising room cleaning, making beds, and handling cleaning equipment efficiently.
Stay Safe
  1. Housekeeping staff work with cleaning chemicals and equipment that are hazardous. Ensure that they receive proper safety training, including how to use protective gear.
Customer Is King
  1. Training your HKD staff in Customer Service ensures that staff interact politely and professionally with guests, and are responsive to their requests. 
Tik-Tok, Tik-Tok
  1. Training should focus on time management, helping staff complete tasks within the allocated timeframe. Teach them to prioritize tasks, and get the work done.
TQC, My Friend?
  1. Implement a system for quality control checks. Senior staff or supervisors should regularly inspect cleaned areas to ensure they meet the established standards.
Communicate To Win
  1. Train HKD staff to report any issues, maintenance needs, or special guest requests promptly. Effective communication resolves problems swiftly, ensuring a seamless guest experience.
Speak The Guest’s Language
  1. In today's global hospitality market, it's beneficial to offer multilingual training. This can help staff communicate with guests from different cultural backgrounds, enhancing the guest experience.
Are You Eco-Friendly?
  1. Train your staff on sustainable cleaning methods and the importance of reducing waste, conserving resources, and recycling.
Train On…
  1. Provide opportunities for ongoing training and development to keep your HKD staff updated with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices.

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