Dominic CostaBir


Dominic has come up the hard way - started the business with Rs.350 - that’s all he had. Thankfully, as Director HTI, he has a little more than that now!

Fun-loving 18-year-old (that’s what he thinks)! Troublemaker (that’s what we think)! Risk-taker! Fitness freak! (Actually, just a freak).

Loves to train. Ensures trainees and teammates grow, but be warned as he believes: No pain! No gain!

“Easy life produces weak men. Tough life produces tough, resilient and determined men. Why wait for life to change gears to get the benefits? I make it tough on myself, my team and my trainees. TorMentor is what I call myself. I set the bar high - then torment and mentor them to push their limits and achieve. Thankfully my team and trainees respond - they grow and torment me too - that way, I grow too!”